Frequently Asked Questions

Login using your account or create a new account and login. Go to CREATE EVENT and use the wizard to create your event.
See "HOW TO" section for details
Once the event is completed, Payouts are made to the bank account number given by you in the event settings. See Event Ticketing Agreement for more details.
Contact us to use additional features for your event. Additional featured are currently not allowed to configure through UI.
All the events are subjected to Event Ticketing Agreement between event organizer and My E-Tickets New Zealand
Absolutely Yes. We provide you access to one of our test event and you can act as a event host to experience the platform.
Yes. There's no charge for having a trial for using one of our test event. You will get test credit card to purchase tickets from test event.
Host portal is for event organizers to view event details, ticket sales, booking details, ticket usage and many more. Simply everything you need to keep track of your event.
No. Only the event organizer has access to their event.
Using our web based ticket scanner, you can easily scan tickets at the doors. You can see the ticket usage counts in realtime.
Normally you should receive an email from within few seconds. But sometimes it can take upto 1 hour.
Do following actions,
  1. Refresh your email inbox few time to sync your emails.
  2. If it still doesn't appear on Inbox, check the spam folder.
  3. If you still can't see it, Check whether the email is marked as Promotion, Update or Social. Go to Promotions/Social/Update tabs if they exists in your email.
Yes. You can ask us to resend your e-ticket. But we cannot resend the e-ticket to different email address.
Yes. Login with your email and then go to MY BOOKINGS from the menu.
No. My E-Tickets provides only e-tickets.
In some of the venue, you might not have mobile data coverage. Therefore we recommend you to download the e-ticket and store it in your mobile device before attending the event. Also you can print the e-ticket and present it at the gates.
Only in certain situations (Eg: event cancelled or the event got postponed and you cannot attend on new date) we refund your ticket price. Please note that payment transaction fee and service fee are non-refundable. Please refer the Terms and Conditions in our website and conditions given in the ticket.
You should immediately inform us about the situation. Otherwise we cannot prevent if someone else got access to the e-ticket and use it.

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