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All the values shown above are including payment transaction fee. No hidden charges.
All the fees are calculated to the total amount of the booking rather than per ticket.
i.e. Less charges when buying multiple tickets.

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 Custom e-Ticket with your branding
 POLi and  afterpay  payment option supported
 Dashboard for multi date/ multi city events
 Zero setup fee
 Secure Payment Methods
 Collect GST and Issue Tax Invoice
 URL with your event name
 Online tracking of sales and ticket usage
 Customizable event details page
 Web based ticket scanner (No App Required)

Additional Features

 Seat Map (reserved seat) **NEW
 Collect additional details from ticket buyer
 Issue complementary tickets via voucher codes
 Child ticket option per each type
 Early bird and general sales

My E-Tickets New Zealand is a New Zealand based [event ticketing company]

If you are looking for an [online ticketing system] for your free or paid event, We provide a complete solution for [event bookings] and [ticket sales].

With My E-Tickets, you can easily issue tickets, track the progress and also can scan tickets at gates on your event day.

Click "HOW TO" link from the menu to learn [how to sell event tickets online] though our web site.

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